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Vietnam Travel Information

Here are some information that we think might be useful to people traveling to Vietnam. We have not personally used most of these businesses nor are we endorsing them. These are just some of the most popular websites specializing the in the types of services listed below. Before...
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In Saigon, a cafe for bird lovers

Tucked away in Phu Nhuan is PetMe (179 Tran Huy Lieu), a small narrow café attracting curious customers eager for a unique view with their coffee. From brightly colored parrots and cockatoos to owls and tiny parakeets, there is no shortage of feathers ruffled here. The...
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Saigon: Photos Flower Market Ho Thi Ky

Saigon today changed much. I left Saigon in 1975 when the US goes up now, no great flower market. Already return visit to his homeland, when I need to buy roses wife donated her birthday, I had the opportunity to visit the flower market. Especially well. Many States, fresh and...
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China Town – Five Star Review

Cholon, the largest Chinatown in Vietnam, is a wholesale market. Tourists love Cholon because the vendors don’t pester buyers as much as they do in other markets. The aisles are narrow, with huge piles of clothes and goods spilling out. A majority of the shoppers in Cholon are...
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Mekong Delta – Farm

We had an interesting Sunday morning at the farm with fresh and delicious food directly from the farm. A great place for you and your family, friends to enjoy at weekend if you want to escape the busy city life , and it’s really good for the kids to enjoy and learn.’...
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Top impressive things we’ve seen carried on Scooters in Vietnam

Vietnam is completely different from all other countries I have visited so far. The amount of things happening everyday is overwhelming. It is just like another world and totally differs from home. I was very much expecting getting around the country to be surprising and...
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The Foodie tour on Saigon Street

Night Time Saigon Street Food

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the top ten cities in the world for street food but only locals know many of the best places for street food.  That’s where we come in. Our friendly and experienced group of local English speaking tour guides have been personally trained by us to give...
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